How old to start boxing?

How old to start boxing?

How is boxing training for children different from normal boxing ? The

boxing for children aims above all to improve general physical form. Training is also suitable for beginners to give children a feeling of body.

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What equipment does a child need to practice boxing ?

In most cases, head protection, groin protection (for boys) or chest protection (for girls) and tooth protection (for teeth) are required.

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How much boxing training costs for children ?

Depending on the extent of the training and individual wishes, you can start by calculating between 30 and 40 € per month. However, this only applies to group training.

Boxing for children is not really a hobby daily. However, not all children are interested in football or volleyball. So why shouldn’t you go to the martial arts room ?

In our guide, we inform you of the age of boxing training for children, how training takes place and the costs you should expect.

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1. Boxing for children: a controversial sport


training of toddlers still has relatively little to do with boxing.

Not all people understand when parents send their children to boxing. Certainly anyone who has watched one or the other boxing match on television can quickly get the idea that it was more of a fight than a sport.

But that’s exactly where the key difference turns out. between training children and targeted preparation for full contact competitions in the youth or adult sector .

boxing for children aims above all to improve general physical form. Training is also suitable for beginners to give children a feeling of body. Even some schools now offer their own AG box, because boxing is no longer considered a marginal sport, but above all as effective complete training.

Advice: Many clubs offer boxes for children from 8 or 9 years old.

2. The fascination of boxing: children become strong and confident

Physical and mental aspects play an important role in children’s martial arts. As more and more children suffer from overweight and lack of physical exercise, motor deficits also increase. Scaryly, many elementary school children are difficult to walk over a narrow beam or jump safely on one leg.

Children who learn boxing do not have to worry about their coordination skills. Child training focuses on the following aspects:

A trained body is inevitable.

  • Coordination: First, the smallest must learn to stand safely and move smoothly. All of this requires a high degree of attention. Many hours of training are required to perform stroke and escape optimally.
  • Strength: The development of force initially plays a rather subordinate role, because the technology and the speed of reaction in particular must be correct. However, children develop muscles throughout the body during boxing. This helps to maintain a vertical posture in everyday life.
  • Endurance: Even if a boxing game takes only 3 minutes, it requires a lot of physical condition. Each movement and each escape route requires a lot of energy, apart from the fact that it is already exhausting to maintain coverage.
  • Speed: During boxing, the opponent’s reaction and observation play a crucial role. Children learn to be attentive and react to a lightning speed race. At the same time, it is important to discover the weak points in order to be able to define a targeted attack themselves.

At the same time, children’s boxing also promotes self-confidence and helps children gain more will and self-assertion in school, without violence, of course. The general ability to use sport for self-defense purposes in an emergency should not be despised.

All good Trainer ensures that children treat each other respectfully during boxing.

3. Protective equipment during children’s boxing

Reasonable protection is mandatory.

Every child who visits a boxing club for the first time should first have the opportunity to look around and make a few first hits on the punching bag.

When it comes to registering for the boxing club, children first need gloves and boxing envelopes to protect their hands during boxing. As the sparring does not follow until later, this is usually enough for the start.

If a child likes this sport and the first attempts at practice in the ring are on hold, children need completely complete protective equipment. This includes :

  • a head guard
  • a groin protector (for boys) or chest protection (for girls),
  • as well as a tooth guard (for teeth).

Boxing gloves are relatively harmless and children are well protected by initially thick boxing gloves.

4. Accessories: you need this equipment during boxing

Many children want their own sandbag.

In general, there are enough strike bags, pads and strike balls available for training at each club.

However, for a short or long time, most children and adolescents want a punching bag or a knock ball for the house . Your own pads are also necessary to train with a partner.

Do not rely on cheap quality at this time. Otherwise, you can quickly buy twice. However, good equipment is affordable and is long enough.

5. The prices during boxing vary considerably

In general, you don’t have to spend a fortune if you want to send your kids to boxing. However, the fact that most boxing clubs are organized privately is that the available premises need to be funded more expensive than the local football club.

Depending on the extent of the training and individual wishes, you can start by calculating between 30 and 40 € per month . However, this only applies to group training, which is often preferred at the start. However, in competition ambitions, you will not be able to move with more expensive individual training.

6. Important questions and answers

competitions require professional training and discipline.

If you have professional ambitions, you should not wait too long to start training. the determination of the competition of the German Boxing Federation is authorized to participate in amateur fights from the age of 10 From when can children participate in competitions ? years.

The turn time and the number of turns are both adapted to age. Extensive protective equipment is also required Do children have different safety requirements during boxing ? . Head protection in particular plays an important role here.

Unlike boxing, kickboxing rules include kicking in addition to punches. Does kickboxing suit children as an alternative to boxing ? This requires a slightly different orientation from training.

The area of mobility in particular is of crucial importance . In addition, kickboxing in most clubs results in fewer direct battles.

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