How to choose your boxing gloves?

How to choose your boxing gloves?

Whatever combat sport you practice, English boxing, kick boxing, muay Thai or any other type of boxing, is the essential accessory for practicing safely. Indeed, your training is largely based on your safety, but also the comfort of your gloves. If your gloves are not suitable, your performance may suffer.

Understanding how to choose the best pair of gloves will help you not only feel like a champion, but also train like a champion.


Although they are all alike, boxing gloves can be specialized in performing different tasks. There are two types of boxing gloves for training and two styles of competition gloves. Each model has a unique quality which best corresponds to the use for which it is intended.


As their name suggests, bag gloves are intended for use in the striking bag or Pao training. Bag gloves are designed with less padding at the joints than other models of boxing gloves. Although it may seem counterintuitive to have a product with less padding, the bag gloves are constructed in this way to allow the combatants to feel their blows and get used to the impact. If the boxer feels embarrassed by punching, he should be able to feel it in a bag glove and adapt accordingly.


Training gloves are a great option for boxers who start in this sport… These gloves are sufficiently padded and can be used for both bag work and combat, but are not necessarily specialized for either. Training gloves can be an excellent introductory glove with sufficient support for novice and veterans boxers.


Unlike training gloves, sparring gloves are designed only for this use and have additional padding, not only to protect you, but also to protect your sparring partner. Combat gloves are the same size as training gloves, but may be a little heavier due to additional padding.


With less padding at the joints, they are designed so that your opponent feels your blows. There are two levels of competitive boxing gloves: amateur and professional. Each of them follows a size distribution according to weight, the amateur gloves being more regulated due to the more stringent rules at this level. A good way to identify amateur gloves is to associate them with a red or blue color, with a white seal to facilitate pointing by judges. Conversely, professional gloves have less padding. These gloves should only be used by combat sports professionals.

The different subjects of boxing gloves

Most often, boxing gloves are made of leather, vinyl or a mixture of the two.


These gloves are the cheapest and therefore perfect for beginners and children who want to start training in boxing. They usually don’t stand the test of time, so once your training becomes more serious, you may need to switch to a more solid pair of boxing gloves.

Polyurethane synthetic leather

Polyurethane leather is an artificial alternative to leather, with all the advantages of real leather. It has the same durability and appearance as real leather, but at a price significantly lower than that of real leather. Polyurethane leather is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, making it a more ethical choice of material for those concerned with animal welfare.

Real leather

The most expensive (and of the best quality) boxing gloves are made of real leather. They are the most durable and grow with the boxer, gradually molding in the shape of your hand and becoming like a second skin. You are thus guaranteed to obtain a pair of gloves which is specifically intended for you.

The downside of leather boxing gloves is that there may be a running-in time, which means that for the first boxing training sessions, you may be below your best level.

Gloves with velcro or laces

The next decision you will have to make when buying gloves is how to close them. Laces are tighter on the wrists, but there is a major problem to consider. You cannot tie your gloves yourself.

For beginners and all those who do not practice professional combat, velcro is therefore always the solution. You can put on the gloves and remove them yourself, which is necessary for group workouts.

How to choose the right glove size ?

First of all, you should know that the size of the boxing gloves is expressed in Oz, ounce in French (1 ounce = 28.34 grams). So the larger the size in Oz, the thicker the padding and the greater the protection.

The size of the gloves depends mainly on the weight, the morphology of the boxer. However, depending on what you are looking for, you can adopt different glove sizes. You may want to adopt heavier gloves, so larger if you want to improve your speed in competition with smaller gloves. Working with heavier gloves for those with a guard who tend to compete over the rounds may also be a good solution.

Larger gloves can also be adopted, and recommended during a sparring session. Larger gloves are more padded so you will more easily avoid injuries to yourself and your sparring.

Thus, the size of the gloves must be done on a case-by-case basis. Here is all the same below what we recommend:


Boxer Weight

Weight Gloves

8 oz

45 to 55 kg

226.8 gr

10 oz

55 to 65 kg

283.5 gr

12 oz

65 to 75 kg

340.2 gr

14 oz

75 to 85 kg

397.0 gr

16 oz

85 kg and more

453.6 gr

For competition, the size of the gloves is obviously regulated to maintain an equity between the combatants and reference must be made to the regulations of your federation.

Are Women’s Gloves Different

Ladies, more and more of you are taking the plunge in the boxing gym. So you can ask yourself whether all the gloves are the same or if there are specific ones for you. The answer is that the weight of the gloves (above) is the same for women and men. However, there is a special feature for female gloves.

Size of the hand compartment

The size of the hand compartment is what mainly differentiates gloves for men from those for women. Boxing gloves are made with an internal element called a hand cage. It is the part of the glove that directly envelops the palm of the hand.

Naturally, most female gloves are designed with smaller versions of these components for a more comfortable and precise adjustment. As women tend to have finer hands, these internal cages are often narrower when designed for women.

Brands also develop marketing around the color of gloves which can sometimes be more “female” like pink or purple gloves. That said, there are a wide range of boxing gloves that tend to have more “female” finishes and whose patterns are often intended for female combatants. But we cannot overemphasize this point: do not choose a pair of boxing gloves solely according to color or aesthetics. While it’s fun to have a nice pair, you ultimately need to focus more on size and protection to improve athletic performance and protect the delicate bones in your hand.

The Box Universe Councils

For beginners

For beginners who are starting boxing and who want to acquire equipment, we would advise buying vinyl training gloves with velcro in the size corresponding to your weight. The reason for this advice is that these gloves are often very affordable and that when we start a sport, we do not know our future in it. It may become a passion like a sport that you stop after 6 months.

For the most experienced or competitors

For competing or experienced boxers, this will depend on the budget you can allocate. At a minimum, we would advise having training gloves and sparring gloves. For the latter, it is ideal to use 14 Oz or 16 Oz depending on your weight. This will save you from hand injuries as well as injuring your partners.

For training gloves for experienced boxers, we like to recommend a size above the size corresponding to your weight. The reason is that the gloves are heavier and will allow you to gain speed when you pass on smaller gloves in competition.

Regarding the subject of your gloves, you will have to decide according to your budget. Since you are an experienced boxer, we advise against vinyl that wears out too quickly. At a minimum, you must opt for synthetic leather gloves and the best, real leather. Regarding the closing of your gloves, we advise you on velcro.

The last advice may seem obvious to the most experienced practitioners, but it is strongly advised to use mittens or bandages under the boxing gloves. The boxing bands will allow you to get a better grip on the glove, hold your wrists and absorb part of the sweat from your hands.

You now know everything to choose your boxing gloves correctly. If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to exchange with your partners or coaches who can also give you valuable advice.

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