How to design a house in 3D?

How to design a house in 3D?

Now is the time to find out what the house of your dreams will look like, but sometimes the imagination cannot do everything. Indeed, it is not always easy to build all the spaces in your head without forgetting the details. And, at the same time, we are not always good at drawing on paper with a pencil, even if we were told when we were children. Here, therefore, some come to our aid and plan to design our 3D home

Some preliminary attentions

Before starting your conception immediately, to avoid wasting time and immediately moving on to creation proper, it is useful to keep the measures of the house in mind.

Frame it immediately Size and yours shapes, paying attention to load-bearing walls, smoke pipes or other architectural elements that could interfere with your design. These, in fact, could put you at risk of exceeding your budget.

Also, already think of stylizing with which you will want to decorate the house. As premature as it may seem to you, it is good to know it also generically. Thus, the design of the house in 3D will flow smoother, as you already know, at least roughly, what will be the character of your apartment.

If you have difficulties with the programs at the start, don’t dwell on them right away. It is normal not to be familiar with certain applications, but you do not have to abandon the house of your dreams for that ! And now it’s time to choose how and with what program to start the design home.

Start with the basics with Sweet Home 3D

If we don’t know programs and design very well or are afraid of not being, Sweet Home 3D is a very easy application to use, it’s quite intuitive to understand.

It is actually a kind of starting point. It allows you to work at the start of the house’s planimetry, then will insert walls, rooms, interior furniture, etc.

It is possible to use it on the browser, without having to download it necessarily. If you prefer, however, the application could be downloaded from Mac only on the windows.

Obviously, you will have to log in to take advantage of the program, which is free. The program is also supported by a guide that will make your experience easier and faster.

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Come back to the classic with Ikea Home Planner

If we miss a trip to Ikea but we don’t have time to go there and savor the Swedish style, House planner Ikea is the program for us. Before you start using it, you will need to accept the terms of use and install a plug-in if you have not, but once this is done, your 3D home will be ready to build.

Ikea Home Planner is very practical and accompanies the visitor in a design initially in 2D, and then visits the environments in 3D, thus giving an idea of the space occupied. At the start, you will start with the size and shape of the room, then progress gradually towards more and more detailed elements.

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Of course you can only use Ikea products in your home in 3D but this limitation is offset by the fact that you can save your project and review it in store. In this way, indeed, it will also be easier to look at the furniture and the choices you made in the design phase.

Design with Easyhome Homestyler

Intuitive, simple but at the same time professional: here it is Homestyler EasyHome. This program, usable even on the simple browser, requires registration before it is used but, once completed, an exciting world will open before you.

With 3D photographs and the possibility of seeing your house with a view fill a 360 degree, Easyhome Homestyler is one of the programs to be used absolutely to create and design a house in 3D

In addition, inside, you can also choose between opening specific brands, so you already know which things to focus on.

Sketchup – easy and fun

Among the various programs named, Sketchup must be mentioned absolutely. This program of various subscription offers but, if it is used for personal purposes, we can take advantage of the free package. However, it can only be used on the web.

This will obviously lead to certain limits, such as little space on cloud archiving and reduced assistance, but, for a first project without too many professional claims, it is better to choose the free package.

Once registered, a whole new fun world opens. The graph is basic but very intuitive, easy to use and on the Web, there are countless guides to learn to draw with this program.

In addition, it also focuses a lot on technical and design aspects, so that you can give free rein to your imagination, then put it in black and white with Sketchup.

How to design a house in 3D: image gallery

If you like these programs but need ideas to design your home in 3D, browse the gallery to find other ideas.

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