How to find your boxing style?

How to find your boxing style?

Boxing is a unique sport, with several different techniques. With its delicate nuances and fluid movements, the art of boxing is very sophisticated. It is a martial art whose mastery requires years of practice.

If you have ever tried boxing, you will quickly realize that this martial art is much more complex than it seems. Although technical manuals are useful and learning the basic principles is always beneficial, sooner or later you will have to find your own identity as a boxer it does not go through an equipment color, boxing gloves do not leather red or any other design elements. What will make your boxer identity will go through your fighting style and your ability to train effectively.

Undoubtedly, boxing is one of the most exciting sports on the planet. There is something that generates unparalleled excitement. If you are at the stage of your boxing career where you are looking to define your own offensive and defensive style, it may be time to examine the different styles that have prevailed throughout the history of this sport.

Although not all of these styles are easy to access, they are among the most popular. Today.

Swarmer (The constant aggression)

Swarmer, also known as crowd or in-fighter, is the worst fear of any pure technical boxer. They are inflexible and belligerent. A swarmer is a fighter who tries to defeat his opponent by being both defensive and exerting constant pressure. They keep punching over and over again, leaving their opponent very little room to punch the edge.

Swarming is one of the most difficult techniques to master because it involves perfect physical condition and the endurance necessary to exert constant pressure on the opposing boxer. In truth, most boxers strive for “swarm” status, but it takes years of practice to develop the technique required to really overwhelm an opponent with an avalanche of blows.

Most boxers who claim the Swarmer style have relatively short careers due to the time required to acquire this skill level and build the necessary endurance. It is a difficult style to maintain due to the constant training it requires.

The majority of boxers who use this style of boxing do so by getting closer to the opponent and by triggering powerful and fast hooks and uppercuts. While throwing these great punches, they must also be able to escape the punches of their opponent. Since it normally takes a moment or two to get in the right position, these boxers must either be able to absorb many blows before they can start throwing theirs, either be quick on their feet to avoid first, then move inside their opponent to begin their attack.

The slugger (The hitter)

A boxer who uses the slugger approach, as his name suggests, counts on powerful punches to knock out his opponent. That’s why they work so well against swarmers ! Although a swarm is inside constantly punching, the slugger only needs one blow to end the fight. He won the fight thanks to the ferocity of his blows, rather than depending on the time or the number of blows struck.

Sluggers usually have a hard chin and are not afraid to take a few hits. They have to do it because they are bigger and move slower. They tend to punch less, but when they do, they are powerful because a single punch can knock out an opponent.

These are the fights that people appreciate most, because they usually end with someone on the mat. If you have a good swarm that can go the distance with a slugger, expect an exciting fight, with a lot of action and hard knocks.

Out-Boxer (The technical approach)

The outboxer, also known as a pure boxer, consists of staying outside and scoring points through distance and defense. These boxers use their intelligence in the ring to keep a safe space between them and their opponents and to strike at the right time. This is often a very technical approach recommended at the beginner, even if they will probably not reach the level sufficient for this style, it will allow a solid technical basis for the future.

This style of boxing is always interesting to watch because it requires the fighter to carry a short succession of blows or even a single blow and then to withdraw. While some may find it boring because fighters spend a lot of time waiting for the right time to strike, outboxing is the best style to watch for people who love strategy.

Many boxers who use this style of boxing are waiting for their opponent to take the first step or get closer to them before hitting. They usually have a long range because they want to keep their distance from the opponent and strike long range.

Unlike fighters who practice other styles of boxing, outboxers are rarely knocked down. These boxers win by making sound decisions and punching clean and legal.

The countertakers

Boxing counterattackers are the most specific practitioners in this sport. Counter-punchers are known for their extraordinary almost perfect technical capacity. They miss their opponents and then punish them with precise and devastating counter.

They have the ability to completely disconcerting their opponents by presenting them with clearly easy-to-reach targets, then by skillfully and graciously putting themselves out of harm’s way while giving counterattacks of astonishing precision. The level of information and expertise that counterattackers have is incredible.

One of the disadvantages of being a counterattacker is the lack of initiative. Counter-attackers are often on the defensive side of the fighting, waiting for their opponents to embark on the offensive so that they can act with precision worthy of a laser. This means that counterattackers are rarely aggressors in combat and are often overwhelmed.

Boxers-punchers (The mixture of styles)

The last style of boxing, the most exciting, is a mix. These boxers have the technical skill and grace of an outboxer as well as the destructive power of a slugger. He effectively mixes the best of all worlds into one style of boxing. This type of boxer is considered to be well-balanced fighters who can compete in the ring with almost all other boxing techniques. They can usually tire a swarm, crush an outboxer and hit a slugger because they focus on speed and power.

These boxers are incredibly complete. They don’t just have to rely on speed, power or technique to win a game. They have a wide range of talents, which allows them to be both attackers and counter-attacks.

Unlike fighters who adopt the swarm technique, who can sometimes get too close and make themselves vulnerable to blows, this type of boxer takes control of the ring, carefully studies his opponent, does what he has to do and takes advantage of the mistakes of his opponent.

What is the most effective boxing technique ?

The most effective does not exist in a sport as unpredictable as boxing. Boxing is a matter of preparation.

If the general rule of boxing is that swarmers beat puncher boxers, that sluggers beat swarmers and that punch-boxers beat sluggers, it is not absolute. These regulations only highlight a potential advantage that one style of boxing can have over another.

If some consider boxers-punchers to be the most effective boxing technique because the most balanced, it is important to remember that boxers-punchers have lost several times against boxers of other styles.

In a sport like boxing, there is no “most effective” style because all styles have flaws and strengths. If a fighter really wants to perfect the art of boxing, he will develop already strong areas and work to overcome deficiencies.

What style of boxing should I choose ?

Although there is no clear way to determine which style of boxing is the best, some characteristics of a boxer define his affinity with different styles.

The boxer-puncher

A boxer must be adaptable and versatile to adopt this approach. He must have a solid footwork and powerful offensive power. A boxer-puncher should have it all, from tactical reflection to a high degree of physical fitness.

The slugger (Hugger)

As the title of the style indicates, the hitter requires enormous power behind the punches. If the sluggers sacrifice speed, they compensate for physical strength, which makes a punch worth ten. In addition to the force, a slugger must have enormous resistance because it must endure blows in order to find the perfect opening for a knockout.

Swarm it

Swarmers are fighters who must be extremely fit. To practice this method of boxing, a fighter must constantly flood his opponent with punches while retaining his strength. A slugger, like a swarm, requires exceptional endurance because it must be able to take massive blows in order to find an opening. This is why the quarries of swarmers and sluggers are generally short-lived. Whether through training or combat itself, such a style of combat will put your body to the test.


Outboxing, as its name suggests, forces the boxer to fight from the outside. A fighter with a large and large advantage would be ideal for practicing this style. The long range will help him maintain the space while continuing to rain the punches on the opponent.

The counter

This method of combat requires being a very clever person with good tactics and a lot of patience. As this approach aims to irritate the opponent enough to make a mistake, the counterur must carefully plan his attacks. In addition to intelligence, a counter must have quick feet and good reflexes to avoid the punches on which he intends to launch a counter.


All beginners have a style in mind when they start boxing, most often it matches the style of their favorite boxer. Anyway, you have the opportunity to train hard to try to reach the style you want but know that it will not be easy and that depending on your genetic prediction, it would probably be better to change your style if you want to progress faster.

Focus on good lifestyle, that is, quality sleep, healthy eating and training ! Take care of everything in your life, if only the cleanliness of your boxing gloves for example, improve your daily life day after day keeping in mind that you want to improve your boxing.

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