How to improve your cardio with English boxing?

How to improve your cardio with English boxing?

Whatever combat sport you practice, cardio is essential, indeed you can be very fast and strong at the level of strikes but if your heart does not follow, you will not last long in training and in competition !!! 3 rounds of 3 minutes or 3 minutes of random () requires the heart to have strong accelerations, it is particularly trying if your training partner is very strong. It is therefore important to work it tirelessly so as not to be uppercuts by your opponent or the ippons because you no longer have strength and endurance ( You know that feeling of head that turns after the 1st warm-up lap and the arms that fall).

Here are some exercise ideas to improve his cardio for martial arts and fighting sports practitioners.

The jump rope

The heart muscle in its entirety thanks to short and long lasting stimuli. For an activity that will require a lot of endurance of the heart, you necessarily need a tool that will allow you to work your cardio with confidence.

Jump on the rope is a proven training accessory to improve your cardio, you often find the jump rope in sports, in movies and in training videos of great fighters like Mohamed Ali, Mike Tyson , Teddy Riner.. on TV or on YouTube and in playgrounds …

  • It is transported everywhere
  • Light (Less than 50g)
  • Cheap (Less than 10 euros for entry-level)
  • You can practice it at any time, outside, at home, in the dining room or in a sports club

Practical and efficient it allows you to work all the members of the body.

Jumping rope is easy ?

The answer is clearly NO, we will see in another article.

The Shadow boxing = Shadow Boxing

Practiced in almost all combat sports, in particular boxing. It is for the practitioner to box in a vacuum, against an imaginary adversary. Put on your boxing gloves, Karate, MMA whatever, then think of a sequence that you master or that you want to master and hit in a vacuum. The gloves will add an additional weight on your arms and shoulders the difficulty will be a little higher.

For advanced practitioners there are rubber bands to put on your fists which will create resistance and therefore an additional difficulty.

For Judoka and Jujitsuka without accessory it is more complicated, but you can train alone (Tandoku Renshuen) by chaining the leggings, brought to the ground and the uchikomi with your Kimono or elastic bands that you will hang on a post.

Here is a video of Shadow Judo :

PS: The exercise also works for wrestlers.

The bike

Simple and accessible to all, the bike works cardio if you do the right exercises, no Sunday walk. Take your bike, warm up and go up little by little in rhythm. Avoid flat terrain (Or pedal at high speed) and favor large climbs in speed 2 or 3, you will feel your heart beat in your chest and your legs will drool. In addition to working on your, the muscles in your legs will build muscle and get very hard. Techniques requiring legs like double leg will be easier.

Think stupid: Privilege the bike instead of the car to go to training.

Jogging :

Good running shoes and go running.


Swim as if a shark wanted your skin.

Allows him to work his techniques and to let off steam well, however he undergoes unlike the one who at the slightest contact moves to come and smash you which obliges you to dodge and move in all directions.

BURPEES one of the best exercises to improve his cardiovascular abilities

Burpee is an exercise in body weight, this ultra difficult exercise that your trainer undergoes at the start or end of the session. It consists of chaining a squat, a board, a pump, a new squat and a jump.
It will make you severely test, in a single movement, your strength and your endurance

Very hard but super effective is the exercise not to forget

Bonus: Football, basketball and all team sports

Playing with friends is more fun than training in your corner, the hours pass quickly and you will not feel pain because you are focused on something else, you exercise while having fun.

The most important thing is to stay motivated and have the niac.

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