How to organize a boxing fight from a to z??

How to organize a boxing fight from a to z??

Is it possible ? And, if so, how to go about it ? Let’s go for your boxing training at home.

First, we are convinced of the health benefits of boxing !
Indeed, this sport makes it possible to tone your body, burn calories, improve your cardiovascular form or even relieve stress.

However, we are well aware that once alone at home, it is not always easy to know what to do, or how to do it and with what equipment. Outside the club, there are no more coaches or friends to guide you.
Here are our tips which, we hope, will allow you to start your home training.


It is an essential accessory of the boxer which can quite be practiced at your place. The jump rope will allow you to work on your cardio while teaching you not to weigh too much on your supports to develop your mobility. To do this, be sure to jump on tiptoe. Do not hesitate to move slightly while you jump (forward, backward, left and right) to place more emphasis on movement.

Note: it is not necessary to try to lift your feet very high, a space to let the rope pass is more than enough. Also try to vary the intensity by integrating acceleration phases. A fight rarely takes place at a constant pace. Therefore, by regularly modifying your pace you get closer to the real conditions.

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When you plan to practice boxing at home you immediately think of the punching bag. Indeed, it allows you to work on your technique, your power, your endurance, your speed or your precision independently.
In addition, it is a very good window after a hard day ! It is the most commonly used option for practitioners and there are a multitude of products that cover the majority of needs.

We don’t necessarily think about it at first glance, but it’s an accessory that can be particularly interesting for training at home. First, it is easier to install than a strike bag and generally less complicated to move (practice for storage). However, you will need to make sure you have the necessary space, because pendulum movements can cover a fairly large area around the support.

Small precision, however, the use of the latter differs from the traditional bag. Indeed, you will not necessarily be able to work with full power on a punching bag. On the other hand, it will solicit your ability to dodge much more because it will somehow allow you to hit. To develop your accuracy, your movements and your dodges this may be an option to consider.

It is an excellent exercise which requires no material and which can be carried out everywhere independently.
The principle is to simulate a confrontation against an imaginary adversary by using all the techniques you know
. It’s a good method to work on your sequences and prepare for battle. No need here to seek pure power, rather favor mobility and fluidity.

Our tip: if you have a large mirror, don’t hesitate to use it. This will allow you to better visualize your shadow and more easily correct any technical concerns (beating drop, lack of hip engagement, etc.).

Here are 2 variants that require the use of equipment:
1 / Use small dumbbells of 1 or 2 kg, or even a weighted vest to work more the physical.
The load may seem minimal but, on 3-minute rounds with good intensity, it will necessarily be felt. However, be sure to control your movements.
2 / The use of elastic bands will add an additional constraint to develop your power, your cladding and your explosiveness.

Work on bear paws is a compulsory passage if you want to progress in boxing. It is carried out with a partner who indicates different targets to be hit while moving (thus the sequence is less mechanical than with the strike bag) with combinations of shots (hook, direct, uppercut).
The work on the pao is intended for the punching bag practitioner wishing to work the power and the precision of the foot-to-pocket, knee or elbow combinations.
The objective of these exercises is to learn certain combinations and thus gain in precision and speed during your work phases in sparring.

We imagined this inflatable machine boxing with an idea in mind: making boxing accessible to everyone, everywhere. This product allows you to learn English boxing or any other type of boxing, even cardioboxing. You can do everything with: direct, hook, uppercut, middle kick, etc. The machine boxing is also suitable for those who simply want to exercise and let off steam.

Combat sports generally require good physical condition (or at least that is what they will bring you). Pump, abs or flexion type body weight exercises do not require any equipment and can be performed everywhere. At most, we may consider ballasting with a vest or bag filled with various and varied loads to increase the difficulty if necessary.
There are bodybuilding accessories suitable for home practice. This is the case, for example dumbbells, kettlebells, medical balls which make it possible to solicit a large part of the body while carrying out movements beneficial for the practice of our favorite disciplines.
Finally, we must not forget the flexibility which remains an important factor for combatants
. Again, there are a lot of exercises that many do not require any particular equipment and that will allow you to increase the amplitude of your movements.


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MOTIVATION and imagination !

As we have seen, there are many ways to train at home and this article is not intended to be exhaustive. Whether you are looking to develop your technique, your physique, your travels or your endurance, there are necessarily ways to work this from home. Ultimately, it’s all about motivation and imagination !
And if you are more like letting yourself be guided from A to Z, we also have hundreds of online videos of coached courses, whatever sport you practice (muscle reinforcement, yoga, Pilates, stretching, cycling, step , dance, etc.).

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