How to solve the Netflix proxy error?

How to solve the Netflix proxy error?

Using a VPN with Netflix can have several advantages and if you have already tried the experiment, you have surely already encountered a proxy error. We will explain to you where this error comes from and how to get around it, knowing that the platform is putting more and more resources to try to detect accounts that use this type of software. But first, let’s dissect what you can do with a VPN on Netflix.

Why use a VPN on Netflix ?

The first reason is related to the general use of VPNs, whether it is tonight when you connect to Netflix, another streaming platform or any other website.

The primary goal of this type is to secure your connection. With a VPN, you have increased anonymity to navigate the Internet in peace. The sensitive data that you exchange with or on websites, such as your connection information, your IP, private messages or your bank card data can be intercepted and encrypt your information, or even hide your connection, is a guarantee of security.

On the Netflix side, the interest of the VPN can be interesting for the most bitten of films and series. Indeed, the Netflix catalog varies according to the geographic area, mainly for reasons of contracts and copyright. Depending on the country you are in, you will not have access to the same content. The programs available in the United States are not only more numerous and diversified, but also more recent than those accessible in Europe for example. By artificially modifying your location, the VPN can thus unlock the Netflix foreign catalogs.

Some sites like identify the contents of the platform by region to shed light on geographic disparities. For example, the masterpiece of,, is only present in 20 catalogs out of the 34 identified on the platform.

Why Netflix returns a proxy error ?

The use of VPN is not prohibited on Netflix, this is not illegal, but necessarily, the platform does not like that one changes its IP to see films which are not yet available in a given country.

Also, it is important to note that no Internet user has yet been found legally guilty to use a VPN on Netflix. In reality, the responsibility lies more with the VPN itself than with its user.

In any case, the entertainment business is in a total war against the VPNs to protect its catalog for several years, under pressure from the rights holders of course, who see it as a loss of profit. This is why a large number of VPNs can be detected and the service is thus blocked. Thus can arise the famous proxy error.

Officially, Netflix calls this error, “M7111-5059”. If you come across an error message blocking your access, it’s just because your VPN is on the “black list”. Your VPN is automatically detected by the platform and the only way to continue to benefit from the programs is to deactivate the VPN. Or opt for a VPN that bypasses this proxy error … because Netflix cannot yet filter it !

How to solve the Netflix proxy error ?

Not all VPNs are as good at circumventing geographic restrictions. Some do it better than others and don’t get caught, it’s that simple and not having this error, you just have to opt for a quality VPN.

Currently, only the best still manage to fight the pressure from Netflix. It is easy to understand why Netflix is fighting hard against VPNs since the platform wants to protect intellectual property from its content and the broadcasting rights that may vary from country to country.

The first mistake, for example, is to trust free solutions to unlock the content present in the different Netflix catalogs: these are the simplest to identify. Certainly, the solution is economically interesting, but quickly shows itself to be limited, because Netflix can easily identify these types of VPN because brands put less money to protect the data … since they only reap profits by advertising or reselling data from these users.

For an investment between 3 to 10 euros per month, depending on your commitment period, you will be able to access all the catalogs and secure your data with mastodons such as ExpressVPN, Private VPN, NordVPN, Cyber Ghost or Surf Shark. Note that the list of VPN vouchers for Netflix can change at any time.

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