Make your house plan: Here’s how to make it happen yourself?

Make your house plan: Here’s how to make it happen yourself?

You are an interior designer or interior designer and you want to conceptualize a sketch model to offer to your customers ? You are not a specialist but you want or you have ideas but you do not have the notions of conceptualization ?

Here is the following, a few lines to better orient you in the realization of very clear drawings which will help you to better express your desires, proposals and ideas in order to carry out the project that you have in mind and be more likely to make it happen. .

Why opt for a house interior design ?

Drawing an interior is a way of saying that we are going to make a project a reality, whether professional or personal, no need to be a specialist to conceptualize a project on paper or software.

Nowadays, technology has advanced to such an extent that sites offer 3D or 2D plans that you can create yourself. Which gives you more choices and ideas in your project and it will make it easier for you to make an online drawing. These software have the capacity to support yourself through:

  • The realization of 2D plans from drawings;
  • Allow 3D furnishings to better carry out your project;
  • The creation of your project with the possibility of supervising everything in 3D at the end.

Technology then enters the comfort and well-being of modern users to enable them to best arrive at their projects that make it easier for them to conceptualize.

It’s up to you to take your pencil and paper and start implementing your ideal interior to present to your architect, friends and family in order to get an outside opinion from them. The latter will validate your work or propose some corrections and modifications according to their vision.

Techniques for drawing inside a house

Gribbling children is not a good way to present what you want to see happen. Training is also not necessary when you are not a professional, but only a few notions are enough to make an ideal drawing plan for your interior by applying and with a little rigor and concentration.

Your idea will be better presented to the interior designer that you have hired, or if it is part of your job and that you are a beginner who does not perfectly master drawing by hand to make plans, here are some tips for getting there:

  • Make a sketch of your interior ;
  • Define the separations of the rooms in the accommodation
  • Use software to introduce the sketch ;
  • Add furniture and decoration according to your tastes;
  • Save work to print or share it for advice.

It is not very difficult, some sites even offer a complete visualization in 3D allowing you to have an overview and therefore to make possible modifications before opting for the final drawing model with the different plans of the pieces at different angles.

What to remember for a successful house interior design

One thing is certain, no one succeeds the first time. With a lot of practice, a house plan will seem like child’s play. Certain errors are to be avoided so that the drawing is perfect and the plan is detailed and correct.

The secret is to define the pieces well and do not forget to mention them on paper so that it is very clean. Thereafter and for a development project, it is important to represent the different furniture that makes up the parts as well as the fixed installations and devices down to the smallest details, without forgetting to indicate the thickness of the floor, the walls, etc.

And of course, do not forget doors and windows, but still, using a computer tool such as online software can help you a better deal with a much cleaner job than using a pencil and paper, and where you will add all the commands necessary for your interior needs with the possibility of printing at the end of the work.

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