Top 10 2021 3D architecture software?

Top 10 2021 3D architecture software?

They are becoming more and more essential in the field of architecture. Today, architectural software is no longer just a powerful ally of architects. To stay in tune with the state of the market and manage customer requirements, all professionals use it. Businesses agree, but not only. This software can also treat any amateur in search of a tool to design a nice plan while awaiting expert advice. Only, most of this software is in paid version. And, as such, it can cost you a small fortune to have them. It can come back so expensive that the SME or freelance stock market cannot afford it. Fortunately, some publishers have understood and proposed alternative solutions to overcome this difficulty. So we tried to find for you the best of these services that you could have for free.

1- Kozikaza

Kozikaza is without a doubt one of the most used free architecture software. This software is not only free, it also exists online and therefore offers you access from all over the world. On the Kozicaza site, you will have your own account and can meet with other members and exchange there as long as you want about “home”. Thus, this site offers you a social network. In addition, this software is known and appreciated for the fact that it does not only deal with the outside (walls, windows, stairs, etc.), but also from the inside. You can therefore use it, if necessary as interior layout software, to decorate the interior of the house. All this using 3D images

However, this perfect software for the design of personal habitats is not very suitable for large-scale projects. In the first case, it can be useful for all forms, whether it is a single-foot or multi-storey house. With its interface simple to tame, it can be used both by the professional and by the novice without prior training. Let’s say that the site gives you access to a range of models produced by other members, in case you lack inspiration.

2- Home By Me

Among the free architecture software, Home By Me also occupies a special place. Indeed, whether you want to carry out a 2D or 3D plan, this software will meet your expectations. Several tools are made available to you to allow you to create your construction project as quickly and as easily as possible. With the number and diversity of these tools, you will be able to :

Trace your walls

You easily trace the walls that will compose your house by just clicking. In the background is a grid to orient you in your perpendicular and other routes. You also have the option of directly importing a pre-implemented plan in order to just superimpose the routes. Using your mouse, you can choose the type of stairs you like the most from the catalog available to you.

Grind and decorate the house

You can also design a furniture and decoration model with this software. From sofas and tables to sanitary equipment, including electronic equipment, you will find a wide range of furniture to bring your future construction to life. For decoration, painting, paneling, wallpapers and many others can go to the walls. Tiling, natural stone, carpet options, etc. you are also offered to give the ground the beauty you want. At the end, you can walk in your construction using your mouse. You can then offer yourself a virtual tour at 360 ° with the possibility of viewing the space with the atmosphere (mirror reflection, brightness, etc.) who you like.

This service also has an online community where you can ask questions if you are blocked and have an answer. You can also find plans from other users to learn from them.

3- Sweet Home 3D

You may have used or heard of this software when it only allowed to design 2D plans. Now it’s not the same at all. Sweet Home 3D now offers all the functionality you may need to effectively design your construction project. You can now have access to features like:

  • Draw walls of all shapes according to your choice (rounded, straight, etc.)
  • Make French window and other openings in the walls in a very simple way by dragging the mouse
  • Choose and insert the furniture of your choice by drawing from the catalog available according to the different compartments of your house (kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.)
  • Choose and customize the lights both inside and outside according to your taste, also depending on the time of day and the geographic location of your construction.
  • Import images of pre-made plans and build the new one following in the footsteps of the old one. This does not prevent you from being free to make changes to lead to an original creation. Then, you can also export and print your project under the version of your choice (PDF, videos, bitmap image).

It still has many its own functionalities. For example, unlike many other free Sweet Home 3D software offers you the option of adding text to your plan. This software is available in several languages, including French, and can be used for both outdoor and interior design.

4- SketchUp

SketchUp is free 3D architecture software, but also offers a paid version with even more functionality. This software is compatible with operating systems such as Mac OS 10.14 + and Windows 10+. It is one of the best drawing production or architectural design software. Among the software available on the market, the SketchUp offers a variety of extensions (V-Ray, Lumion, PlusSpec, Builder Pro and others) which allow other functionalities to be integrated into the tool in order to produce high-end drawings. range. This software offers a simple and very intuitive drawing and functionality interface.

5- Blender

If you are looking for software to make free, functionally rich 3D architecture plans, you have what you need with Blender. This software is completely free and is also compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS 10.13 +. It is an open source 3D creation software. It allows you to do all kinds of 3D work, namely modeling, simulation, rendering, animation, video editing and many others.

This software, although it is free, is highly prized by the best architects, especially when it comes to presenting animated visuals to customers. It is a tool that can be used to make precise architectural models. Likewise, it should be noted that this 3D architecture software accepts many extensions such as the Building Tools, known to be an excellent home creation tool in just a few clicks. You will also find extensions like Archipack which includes a large library of materials, preconfigured drawings and many others.

6- pCon Planner

pCon Planner is easy to use software thanks to its intuitive and very functional interface. Unlike other free software, this software offers four drawing zones in a very well designed workspace. This is software that offers you the opportunity to draw as if you were a 3 D plan professional. You can easily insert CAD models in certain formats like SKP, DXF, DWG, 3DS and others. To create your plans, make drawings of structures, decorative elements or furniture of all kinds, you can refer to this software to take advantage of its advantages. Tutorials are also offered to allow you to better use them.

This software also creates panoramic and interactive presentations of all kinds. You will be entitled to a catalog rich in examples that you can perfect and personalize as you wish.

7- FreeCAD

FreeCAD is free architecture software that accepts many operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows and Linux. It is based on parametric modeling and makes it possible to design real city objects in 3D regardless of size. This software is fully modular, as it allows you to add other specific functionalities without modifying the core of the application.

FreeCAD also has BIM functionality. This software is subdivided into several functions, namely the Arch Workbench which includes a large number of basic architecture tools and BIM Workbench which integrates several Arch tools. Although free, this software embeds many innovative features that you may not find with paid software. Parametric modeling functionality, for example, allows you to modify all components just by consulting the history of the models and changing their dimensions. It also offers the possibility of creating soils that bend upwards to become walls.

8- Viacad 2D / 3D

Here is finally another architecture software, Viacad 2D / 3D. This software is also very efficient. With its simple and intuitive interface, it would be easy to use by anyone, both the professional and the one who just needs to perform a point task with it. It is suitable for any type of project and also offers you incredible functionalities. Even in the hands of the perfect novice, this software can do exploits worthy of professionals. It helps you design 2D and 3D plans

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