Top 7 of the best architectural software for PC?

Top 7 of the best architectural software for PC?

Architecture software (free) on PC

Thanks to the architecture software, everyone can now aspire to outline the plans for their future home with more and more precise details. To take advantage of the best functionalities, you must choose the right program. Here is to help our Top 7 of the best PC architecture software

1. Sketchup Make

This architecture software has also been called Google Sketchup since 2012. It allows unusual 3D modeling. Indeed, the program is not entirely dedicated to 3D modeling, but still presents renderings commensurate with the results proposed by its counterparts. You can use Sketchup Make to complete your outdoor and interior architecture projects.

Otherwise, this program offers diversified tools such as rotation, displacement or resizing. You can add all kinds of furniture, household appliances and other architectural elements to your rooms. This software remains easy to take in hand with its very refined interface. The tool offers test versions with simple but free functionality.

2. ArchiFacile

To allow the realization of a house plan, this software offers a complete logitheque and easy to handle. Completely free, ArchiFacile presents a fairly minimalist interface which favors an almost normal takeover. You can easily sketch all the details of your future accommodation .

The software will guide you as you progress. Among other things, it will show you the dimensions, the surface of your rooms, alert you to construction errors, will help you in selecting the colors you want to assign to the different elements of your plan. It should also be noted that the sale of the results of modeling carried out on ArchiFacile is prohibited.

3. Cuicli

Cuicli software, developed by Fly, a French brand of young housing furniture, is used for the 3D design of a kitchen. It also allows the establishment of provisional estimates to give you an overview of the cost of your work. Its interface remains clear and easy to take in hand so that even neophytes can do wonderfully.

You will also be guided during all the stages of your modeling: from the choice of the shape of your rooms to the selection of the type of kitchen you want to favor, through the installation of windows, doors and other technical elements. . The architecture program will later offer you furniture and other salient details.


Sweet Home free software promotes the design of plans for new housing or for renovation. It has an easy interface to take in hand. To make handling even more easier, the software provides its users with a catalog of useful, customizable and resizing objects: doors, windows, lights, radiators, baths, stairs, etc.

Otherwise, with this software, you can also perform positioning in aerial, interior view, to record views or create photos with optimization of the quality of the rendering. Creating a video with a virtual visit also remains feasible. The program presents an export of the plan to PDF, in OBJ format for the 3D model or even an MOV format for the videos (to possibly load them on Youtube).


This free software is used as an alternative to Autocad. It promotes the production of various technical drawings, the design of building plans and other diagrams. This program dispatches a lot of functionalities which include multilayer drawings, group management, fonts according to ISO standards, etc. In all, there are 20 modification tools and 400 construction tools.

You can also use this home plan creation utility to manipulate points, lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, splines, etc. Otherwise, the ease of use of this software also depends on the simplicity of its interface. The functions are tidy so that even the most amateur of users would not get lost despite its primary vocation addressed to experienced users.

6. DraftSight

With this software, you will also be able to make very good quality plans and technical drawings. What sets him apart from his counterparts is his handling of DWG and DFX documents. Otherwise, DraftSight brings together interesting features such as drawing lines, circles, arcs, polygons, splines or even layers, with other tools for common modifications.

This architecture software also offers many modes of view, a script executor and a command window. On the interface side, DraftSight remains clear and provided with unchanging speed. It allows you to take on certain basic functions while offering an aid section. The software represents a good alternative to other paid solutions.

Please note, this software is only accessible in paid version. The free version has just been stopped.

7. Free CAD

Intended to carry out construction documentation, technical plans, buildings and diagrams for professionals, LibreCAD remains a free and open source program. It is also easy to take in hand with its well thought out and easy to handle interface .

With the number of basic functionalities it offers, it is categorized among the best alternatives to paid software that allow architectural plans and modeling to be carried out. The application also allows you to manage groups and layers in DXF format. It also supports the vector format EPS and bitmap (PNG and JPG).

Questions and Answers


The main tasks of the architect are: to design an architectural project, to control the completion of the works, to verify that the plans are respected and also to direct the execution. In this arduous task, he needs assistance and that is when the architecture software comes in, to facilitate his work, improve his productivity and his performance and above all save him time and money. silver.


A few years ago, architects used only handmade architectural drawings to plan and design their plans, but it was hard and hard work. Driven by scientific and technical progress and especially the advance of the architecture sector, they have therefore completely changed their ways of doing things. As a result, we are first witnessing the creation of Computer Aided Drawing software, abbreviated as DAO, which will revolutionize the sector and greatly contribute to its expansion.

But in order to improve their working conditions and make this work more competitive, helping customers to project themselves more easily, architects will create Computer Aided Design software for CAD abbreviated. Its software that can be found in 2D and 3D, will allow architects to be faster, more innovative, more efficient and more efficient and also to have a more lively and creative mind. All of its developments have radically improved the work of architecture, while allowing their clients an incredible experience because even before the start of work, they can have an overview of their project.

2D architecture software

Here it is software like: AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD and many others, which allow you to design, transform and mark 2D architectural drawings more easily and more accurately. Its 2D architectural drawings are very often used for floor plans, layout plans.

3D architecture software

These are software like: Revit, AutoCAD and many others, which allow you to visualize the design of your architectural project in 3D and create a realistic original printing with automated materials, fixtures and instruments.

BIM software

These are software such as: Revit, Revit LT 2015 and many others are process suites that create smart and autonomous 3D models to organize and direct the construction of large-scale buildings more efficiently.

rendering software

These are software such as: 3ds Max, Autodesk Rendering and many others, which allow you to produce immersive photorealism simulations in order to find the behavior of your architectural creations in the context of plan corrections.


Architectural software has many advantages, namely:

  • Allows you to give a realistic impression to customers, so that they can better understand the vision of the architect and know what his building will look like.
  • Allows the architect to save more time because if there are modifications, the architect does so directly in the software.
  • With software like BIM, you can find information on all aspects such as: the type of raw material used, the costs.
  • Facilitates the work of the architect.
  • Create a more dynamic work channel by limiting the risk of error.
  • The sharing of data between the people involved in the project (customer, architect, worker, etc.) is easier and more consistent.
  • Give an overview of the project before it is completed.
  • Develops the creative spirit of the architect.
  • Improves productivity and performance.
  • Allow the architect to maximize his profit while minimizing his costs.


There are several software for architectures in 2D and 3D, namely:

Home By Me: is software that can be downloaded for free from the Internet is very easy to handle. The different successive stages for the creation of house models start on their own. you then benefit from the plans, custom furniture and accessories to help you get a clear and accurate view of your project and at any time you can make changes if the need arises, From house models to the architectural plan, this software makes it easier for you to work without spending money.

Kozikaza: is a program designed especially for people who have no idea in architecture and who do not want to call on an architect. You have the opportunity to draw. place, modify, move your walls and openings as you please without any difficulty , you can also create your own furniture using a tool that the software offers ; or furnish; decorate your different pieces thanks to the wide choice available to the program, You can also get free quotes in 72 hours from professionals close to you.

ArchiFacile: as its name suggests, it is very small (500ko) but very fast and efficient. Despite the fact that it does not have state-of-the-art functionality. it still brings satisfaction to its users because it puts to their provisions: the possibility of making calculations of the different parts, correct errors and also choose decoration, However, you must register from the software to save your plan.


There are several free software to know: LeoCAD (ideal for people who love legos) Meshmixer (which helps to animate or even restore preexisting models that you will change to make yours) 3D Builder (which is Microsoft’s free software and which allows you to create and customize objects in 3D) SketchUp Free, OpenSCAD …

However, with more than 25,000 members, FreeCAD software remains and remains the most widely used free 3D software in the world. Very well known in the market for its advanced functionalities and its gratuitousness, the software developed by Jürgen Riegel, Werner Mayer and Yorik Van Havre is a real feat, it supports a high number of formats and is compatible with practically all operating systems ( Linux, Windows …). Very easy to use, your 3D drawings will become a breeze.

To go further: you can share with us in the comments, your favorite architecture software, to help your comrades make their choices.

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