Top Films On boxing according to the public?

Top Films On boxing according to the public?

Boxing is a very popular combat sport today. In recent decades, its popularity has increased massively, notably thanks to its media coverage. Whether it was through the television coverage of boxing matches, or famous boxing films like Raging Bull, Ali and, of course, Rocky, this sport has continued to attract new followers.

Although it is possible to live on it, this is not what is sought after by the majority of new registrants. Many see it as leisure, physical and social activity.

Taking lessons in a boxing club is a great way to sculpt your body and feel in a better mood. You will understand, boxing is a must have for what is most precious: our health !

How to start boxing ?

Before embarking on the practice of boxing, start by identifying the reasons that make you want to enter a boxing gym. You want to compete ? You want to learn to defend yourself ? You aspire to better physical condition, to a boost of self-confidence ?

Identifying the reasons that motivate you will help you break down the steps necessary to achieve your goal.

Obtain boxing equipment

Your fists and feet are a good start to manhandle a strike bag ! Most boxing clubs already have some essential equipment, such as boxing gloves and a helmet. You are recommended to get yours. According to the boxing hall where you go, the equipment supplied can be worn, damaged and not very hygienic …

The most important equipment is a good pair of boxing gloves ! Avoid getting the wrong quality, it’s not worth it. It’s a long-term investment and you probably don’t want to have to change it every month ! It would be a shame…

For effective training, it is interesting to buy a good jump rope ! It is an essential tool for working on your cardio. Depending on the type of boxing you plan to practice (full-contact, kick-boxing, French boxing savate, English boxing …), you can also invest in additional equipment such as boxing shoes to keep your feet safe !

Join a boxing club

Once you have entered a boxing gym, no more excuses ! Stop finding any excuse for not playing sports. You did the hardest thing so stay on track …

Today, there are partners from all ages and all social backgrounds. Look at the boxing clubs around your house, take your bag, your gloves and check what they offer !

From what age to start boxing ?

It all depends on the type of boxing. English boxing distinguishes several categories: recreational boxing or educational boxing, amateur boxing and professional boxing. Amateur boxing is the type of boxing you see at the Olympics. Many Olympic champions (like Tony Yoka or Anthony Joshua) then become professional boxers.

Amateur boxing can be practiced from 13 to 39 years old. However, to continue until age 39, you must have obtained your first license before age 34.

Recreational or educational boxing is aimed at a much wider audience and can be practiced from 7 to 77 years. Boxing techniques remain the same with one notable exception: the goal is not to send powerful punch to beat your opponent.

The best reasons for getting boxing started

A complete training

A typical boxing training session stimulates all muscle groups and offers a perfect combination of endurance and high intensity exercises.

Indeed, the training of boxers is guaranteed to put anyone in the best shape of their life. It improves all types of physical capacity: strength, power, coordination and endurance.


Physical and mental well-being, brought by the practice of boxing, brings lucidity and great confidence in its abilities. We have a full knowledge of our bodies, we know how to manage our emotions and our mind is sharpened to manage situations that require composure.

The relief of stress

Boxing is certainly the sport par excellence for knocking out stress. It contains the best in terms of muscle sensation and stimulation of the cardiovascular system. These two elements greatly contribute to improving psychological well-being.

After intensive training, the dose of endorphin generated will ease your stress and put you in a radiant mood !

The values transmitted there

Like many combat sports, boxing promotes values that generate strong cohesion among practitioners. Here are some of them:

  • Respect: essential value that we find in sport in general, it is all the more put forward in a boxing gym. In training, no ego story ! Benevolence and mutual aid between partners are essential !
  • Humility: practicing boxing is also knowing how to lose. We learn not to underestimate our adversary and to analyze their failures to progress and continue to improve !
  • Abnegation: Boxing is certainly one of the most demanding sports in terms of both physical and mental investment. Training is sometimes difficult, fighting may seem endless and our courage is often put to the test. These are necessary steps to forge a steel mind !
  • Discipline: Very demanding for both beginners and experienced practitioners, boxing requires investment in, and outside the boxing gym, so that you can progress quickly. Good food and quality sleep will be your best allies to practice this sport effectively !

Come and test the concept of Circle boxing !

And if you decided to get involved in boxing with an innovative concept ? Here, no ring where you exchange blows against an opponent. At the Circle, you just have to put on your boxing gloves and let yourself be guided by the advice of coaches during 50-minute workout sessions !

With us, no need for tooth protectors or protective helmets. We develop our technique and its strike force by sending blows to an aquabag. Once filled with water, this type of punching bag is ready to cushion your most powerful punches ! In addition to being more resistant than a classic punching bag, it has the advantage of preserving the joints and getting closer to the real conditions of a fight.

Muscle reinforcement exercises are also planned to increase your endurance and sculpt an athletic body for you !

Accessible to all, the sessions take place in an environment with sieved lighting and are accompanied by various playlists which will make you want to do battle with your fists !

Whatever your level, whether you are a beginner or an experiment, the boxing concept of the Circle is a unique experience to try at least once ! If you have chosen to come and let off steam with us, you will be warmly welcomed to fill up with endorphin in a deplexed atmosphere !

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