Why choose a boxing sports coach?

Why choose a boxing sports coach?

How to choose your coach for a boxing activity !

Finding the right boxing coach for you is essential in order to improve your boxing skills and to continuously develop yourself as a boxer and sportsman.

But what makes a good boxing trainer ? If you have just started boxing or if you have 25 fights to come, there are certain qualities which you must take into account when finding the right boxing teacher for your sports lessons (at home or in boxing hall).

Before continuing, it is important to understand that there is not a single type of boxing trainer. Your best friend’s boxing trainer who takes boxing lessons could be great for him, however, that doesn’t mean he will be tailored to your level when coaching. Different factors such as coaching styles and personality count in this decision to hire a boxing sports coach.

Calling on a boxing coach (or a sports coach) is very similar to hiring an employee. Whatever your level of boxing, it is important to assess their CV and determine whether a person has the experience, skill level and character necessary to play the role of coach.

What is the role of a good boxing trainer ?

Ultimately, boxing coaches are responsible for teaching you boxing sport safely and helping you achieve whatever goal. You can have different reasons and motivation to call on a boxing sports coach :

· To be in good shape

· To practice a sport they like (passionate about boxing)

· Train for amateur matches

· Train for the professional boxing game

No matter what your goal in boxing is to become a very good boxer, a fighter, or a simple sportsman with a good boxing base, there will be a boxing coach made for you. Your choice of boxing coach will also depend on the feeling and your personal preferences towards the boxing coach.

Qualities to be sought in a French boxing – boxing sports coach

Boxing is a mentally and physically demanding sport, which requires a sporting attitude and a significant concentration to perform in the various sequences, fights, and boxing training. Let’s go through together some of these important qualities that great boxing coaches have and why:


· Organized

· Analytical

· A motivator

· An optimist

However, “Boxing Experience” comes in a variety of different forms. There are conflicting opinions as to whether your boxing coach should be a seasoned fighter to be able to teach or whether the diploma of boxing sports coach is sufficient.

Find and hire a boxing coach in line with your boxing goal. If you want to improve in technical gestures, favor the approach of a boxing trainer. If your wish is to become a great ring fighter, surround yourself with a boxing trainer with solid ring experience.

Question of logic… If you want to become a good technician, a boxing teacher specializing in close combat will be better guided than a veteran who will have a broader vision of the thing.

An organized coach

Sports coach, boxing trainer or former high-level sportsman who has become an individual coach must have this basic quality essential to any trainer this essential quality:

The organization is an existential quality to allow you to ensure that you improve your performance and your physical form.

Having a sports coach who plans and thinks about several lessons in advance proves that he is involved and really cares about your personal development.

Some sports coach improvises at the last moment, offers poorly structured lessons and does not have a real orientation week after week, miscarriages of results question your boxing trainer or look for an outside person to help you.

An analytical coach

Attention to detail is the key.

An excellent boxing coach will have a lynx eye for your star talents and your greatest weakness and will use them to transform you into a great fighter.

An analytic boxing coach will be a boxing strategist and will analyze styles, strengths and weaknesses to help you develop techniques and harness your own strength.

A coach who motivates you

Motivation can be confused with a trainer who yells at you until he is blue in front and who calls you weak, if you cannot finish the 10 rehearsals.

A coach who understands how to motivate will convince you to show up 10 minutes in advance for your session, to challenge yourself to question yourself in order to leave the gym with a smile on your lips.

A bad coach will leave you tired and push you to apologize.

An optimistic coach

A boxing trainer who has the attitude and prospects of an optimist is a bit like having a motivating coach. The demands of boxing allow people to get in the head, however, a good boxing trainer will have positive energy, build / focus on your success and always be forward.

Focusing on success, not failure, means that your coach can be innovative and creative in the way you train, which is another great quality of a boxing coach.

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