Why do boxing?

Why do boxing?


Activity among combat sports formerly known as being reserved for those who love fighting and castagne, boxing has long been considered despite everything as Noble Art.

Boxing – French boxing, English boxing, Thai boxing – is no longer essentially seen as “the poor man’s opera” who likes to strike, but a noble art allowing to find an exemplary physical condition: to let off steam, have cardio training and jointly, muscle reinforcement.

Crossed by a deep governance crisis in recent years, the French Boxing Federation welcomed, in 2013, that it had recently recorded significant growth in its activities.

According to a 2013 report drawn up by him, the practice of boxing caused an increase of 15.35% in the number of licenses issued between 2009 and 2012, from 36,067 to 41,602 over this period.

Female boxing is also developing drastically: the share of licensees increased from 7.5% to 18.5% between 1998 and 2011 and the federation targets the threshold of 30% of licensees in the coming years.

It will take long hours to learn the footwork, the punch and the kick before fighting.

In this article, Superprof sets up a top 10 good reasons for boxing.

1. Doing boxing, a very varied sport

Being a boxer or boxer is less a close-to-body than engaging in a fight against boredom and sedentary lifestyle: it is a sport adapted to all levels.

Today, boxing is available in a total of seven modes of practice:

  • Educational boxing,
  • Pre-combat boxing,
  • Amateur boxing,
  • Professional boxing,
  • Leisure boxing,
  • The aerobox,
  • Handisport boxing (handibox).

In fact, it is the body target to be reached that will influence the type of boxing to choose.

In English boxing, American boxing and French boxing, we will strike in the face and the bust, while we add the legs in French savate boxing, Burmese boxing, Khmer boxing, kickboxing or Thai boxing.

All parts of the body – except the genitals, the throat and the spine – are targeted in free combat, mixed martial arts (MMA, combining pugilation and body-to-body struggle) and pancrace.

With good boxing equipment (jump rope, boxing gloves, boxing shoes and / or strike bag), there is therefore something for all tastes at all levels.

Discover the history of boxing to know all its subtleties.

2. Boxing to refine his figure

Among combat sports, rare are those that make the body work as much as boxing.

During a boxing class, the sportsman or the sportswoman will run, jump, hit with his fists, kick in the punches, which is ideal for refining the legs and toning his arms.

An hour and a half of training is not even equivalent to a session in a weight room because in boxing, all the deep muscles are worked simultaneously and smoothly.

If you want to draw your muscles and sculpt your body, boxing – kick boxing, full contact or scholar French boxing – therefore appears to be an essential martial arts.

3. Boxing to burn a lot of calories and slim down

In France, one in two people would be affected by the phenomenon of overweight and obesity. An alarming statistic that justifies the importance of practicing a sporting activity.

In fact, more and more French people are starting to play sports – in the fitness room, at home or in sports clubs -, sports activity being seen as a powerful remedy for diseases.

Taking a French boxing course or an English boxing course inflicts intense training on the human body. In fact, many calories will be burned, and adipose tissue (excess fat in cells) will turn into muscles.

Boxing is therefore perfect for smashing and gaining muscle mass: an hour of boxing can burn more energy than during a swimming session or a fitness class.

Put on your boxing gloves and off you go !

4. Perfect cardiovascular sports training

Boxing strengthens the cardiovascular system because it stimulates breathing and greatly increases heart rate.

The heart muscles are strengthened, especially if the sports training is regular.

Doing savate boxing therefore ultimately helps prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease in the same way as fitness club sport, ju jitsu, kung fu, karate, aikido or running.

After a few weeks of boxing, the breathlessness after weak efforts is over !


5. Boxing to let off steam and calm down

In our current society, hierarchical pressure, omnipresence of digitalis and screens, but also frantic races to professional success and unemployment can cause stress and anxiety.

In this rather black context it is true, it is always interesting to be able to count on a personal activity, a hobby or a sport to let off steam !

How to knock them out ?

Endorse a tracksuit and take the strike bags like a defouloir. After the warm-up, getting into the ring will free up what are called molecules of good humor and happiness.

The practice of a martial art or a combat sport such as boxing will increase the level of serotonin present in the organism, which means that the sports subject will considerably increase his feelings of well-being, fight effectively against stress and soothe his body.

It is not the greatest boxers who will tell you otherwise !

6. An ideal sport for muscle reinforcement

In addition to developing heart power, boxing allows you to work on endurance and gain muscle mass, and reduces the body’s feeling of tiredness.

You often have to get tired to be less tired: after good training at boxing school, the body will ask for rest and will be better oxygenated than before.

In fact, recovery from sleep will be easier, and the individual will be less tired afterwards.

The sequence of exercises is also very complete. This allows you to work and stimulate all the muscles, from the shin to the forearm, and this in depth.

Indeed, all the upper limbs – shoulders, pectorals, backbones and oblique abs, biceps and triceps – and lower – calves, thighs, glutes – work simultaneously during a session, even without being as strong as Mike Tyson or the world boxing champion

7. Learn boxing, a good self-defense tool

In large French agglomerations, the level of social tension can sometimes reach unbearable thresholds, to the point that one can fear being subjected to aggressions, harassment, humiliations of all kinds.

Not because boxing like Brahim Asloum or like the boxing coach of the movie Million Dollar Baby will allow everyone to be castrated on the street…

But contact sports are very effective for it, defending yourself.

Boxing is not a sport of self-defense, but learning to punch – live, hook, uppercut – and kicks – will teach him to take dry and powerful shots to keep away a possible attacker.

Look at our French boxers instead !

8. Boxer: a playful and friendly sport

Whatever the person’s age and physical condition, boxing can be practiced in various ways, but always in a fun way, and for fun.

First, it’s ideal for meeting people and sharing your passion. At his city’s sports hall, body combat or boxing lessons help find a partner to train.

9. Do boxing, a mixed sport

In the past, dating a boxing club was mainly reserved for a male audience. We can see this in the film directed by Clint Eastwood in 2004 – Million Dollar Baby -, where the coach is reluctant, at first, to train the heroine Hillary Swank.

Boxing in France attracted 19.2% of women in 2014.

Practicing this sport helps to feel stronger and it is one of the most feminized sports disciplines in recent years.

Of course, the Thai boxing club or the French boxing sports center is not a flirting space, but a place where men and women are equal to each other, where one has dragged the other into an equal relationship to progress together.

10. Boxing: a tactical and technical sport

Finally last good reason to do boxing: it is a technical and strategic sport. The goal is not only to defeat your opponent, but above all to optimize your movements to strike the winning move.

So we will necessarily have to use a good tactic, think to find the solution to hit where it is needed.

Like all manual disciplines, boxing requires a high level of precision, speed and liveliness, execution speeds and motor skills to carry out the sequences.

You don’t have to be a great champion or an Olympic champion to have fun: motivation will be enough to see convincing results.

Do not hesitate to come with boxing equipment for a first test lesson in the boxing gym, or failing that, to install a punching bag at home.

Do not hesitate to watch all the biggest films on boxing !

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