Why do women’s boxing?

Why do women’s boxing?

In Million Dollar Baby, Maggie Fitzgerald is the only girl who dares to enter Frankie’s small regional boxing hall. Boxing is a guy’s sport, and she will have to fight to prove the opposite. Indeed, few girls dared to this combat sport, the competitions of which were not open to the fairer sex until the 90s. Today, it is the opposite: the rings are invested en masse by women. Even the Angels of Victoria’s Secret, Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima and Kelly Gale, among others, display hand gloves and sweat on their foreheads. Why this craze for boxing in women ? Testimonies.

Boxing is one of the disciplines that has experienced the greatest progress in feminization since 2013, according to a recent report from the Ministry of the City, Youth and Sports. No doubt, women start boxing.

Is it to follow in the footsteps of Estelle Mossely, our national Olympic champion ? Do they box to burn calories ? Is it just to reveal the heroines that are dormant in them ?

Anyway, the women put on the gloves and will spend themselves, alongside the guys, the guard raised and the ribs returned. Not even afraid !

What are they looking for in this combat sport ? Boxer responses.

Boxing to outdo yourself and gain self-confidence

  • Revive the great sportswoman who is in itself.

When I signed up for the, I don’t think I had any goals in mind except to let off steam. But, with hindsight, I think I needed to regain confidence in myself and in my physical abilities, in my body, because I am a former high-level sportsman who stopped sport 8 years ago !

The more I went back, the better I was technically and physically. During the assaults, I had more and more confidence, and I was less on my guard but more in the attack.

And in everyday life, I gained increased self-confidence, that is undeniable !


  • Acquire technique.

At first, I started boxing to meet a need to let off steam, to externalize negative emotions… I quickly felt stronger, more confident. The adrenaline of the fights gave me wings.

Then I took the taste of technique, precision and I wanted to improve myself … Today, I appreciate the sensations even more, thanks to the ease that I acquired.


Boxing, the perfect sport to let off steam

  • Vacuum.

I wanted to find myself a passion, something that drives me and motivates me to come back every week.

And then boxing, unlike one, allows you to clear for 1h30… Savor the present moment, be in action, not in the ruminage of thoughts. It is the best defouloir I have been able to find !

That was my avowed goal. My ulterior purpose ? Prove to me that I could do something a little badass, something that we generally recommend to guys and not girls… Gain self-confidence !


  • Disconnect from work.

When a friend offered to enroll me in a French boxing course with her, I said to myself that it would be an opportunity to get back to sport, to carve out a dream body for summer (the hope brings life) and above all to let off steam.

I have a very addictive and stressful job, so going to boxing, spending myself intensely and sweating a good deal two nights a week brings me a real breath of fresh air. It completely cuts me off from daily stress.


Being a woman and boxing: a feminist sport ?

  • Contribute to Girl Power.

I like boxing because it is both a physical and mental sport. In a fight, you have to be lively, focused, apprehending the opponent’s strikes. It’s not just about hitting the other to put the other on the ground. I decided to do it to learn to defend myself but also to evacuate the energy that I have to spare and outdo myself, to push my limits.

In general, women need, I believe, to show that they can do things that require strength, courage, that they can fight, turn into war machines, win fights against men , while preserving their femininity. Girl power in a way. It is a sport that goes against misconceptions.


  • Feel equal with guys.

I do Thai boxing because I always wanted to do a physical sport where we give our all. It is the best way to let off steam, channel, be less nervous and outdo (really), as it is a combination of cardio exercises and exercises with compulsory physical contact !

And what I especially like is that for once, there is no difference between man and woman: it is a mixed fight, and it is very motivating. Finally, without pretending to be Tyson, I admit that boxing allows you to acquire certain reflexes to defend yourself.


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